“What is your road less traveled?”

Well, for me, a teenager living in Uganda, my goal in life is to become a professional bread expert.

My ancestors have been bread experts for thousands of years. My great grandfather was the national bread advisor for FDR during World War Two, and my great-great grandfather was the one who made bread for David Lloyd George during World War One.

I am proud to declare that I, Abdul al Hakim Rahman, have been chosen to be the national bread advisor for Libya during World War Three.

My uncle was the only one in my family to almost not become a bread expert. He once went to medical school to become a pulmonary surgeon behind my grandfathers back, and he was forced to go to bread school soon after. I will always remember his words of wisdom. “Medicine is a dead end career”, he said. “The only career with purpose is bread advisory”.

Many might say, “what is a bread advisor? That sounds like a stupid profession.” Well, it isn’t easy. To be an expert in wheat sciences, one must have yeast, flour, and an exorbitant amount of determination.

To become a bread expert, one must go to 4 years of Wheat Studies. Then, you have to serve as an intern for a senior bread expert for 10 years before getting your Wheat license. I will also be getting my masters in bagelivory at Stanford, which will take me another 5 years.

That brings me to of the biggest issues in the world today. Bigger than global warming, world hunger, or even war.

Over the last 10 years, the amount of bread and bagel experts in the world has dropped a shocking 3 people, which leaves only 5 people in the world who know the ways around wheat, flour, and yeast.

I have created a GoFundMe (https://www.gofundme.com/the-bread-project). Our goal is to raise one million American dollars. We will use this money to enlighten youth about the wonders of the bread industry and help them achieve their bread related goals.

I request you to let your friends, family, and loved ones know about the wonders of bread.